Cookie Policy

At Yoga Screen we value your privacy. We collect cookies by a third-party service. These third-party services include Google Analytics and Google AdSense.


What is a cookie?

A cookie works in sessions. It’s a small piece of information which is stored on the user’s browser. Websites can exchange information with these cookies, which help adapt/show the right information to the user.


Use of cookies

Yoga Screen uses cookies to track the usage of the website. Through tracking and analyzing this usage, this gives Yoga Screen the possibility to improve it’s services. For more information see ‘Google Analytics’ below.

Furthermore, there are cookies being used for advertising. For more information see ‘Google AdSense’ below.


Google Analytics

On every page load we insert a cookie from Google, as part of the ‘Analytics’-service. We use this sercie to keep track of how our visitors use our website. Google can provide this information to third-parties, when Google is forced to by law, or whenever the third-parties process this information for Google. Yoga Screen cannot change this process. We did not accept to the use of the analytical information for other Google services.


The information collected by Google cannot be tracked back to any identifiable information. All identifiable information is anonymized. Google has consent to abide by the Privacy Shield principles and is affiliate to the Privacy Shield-program of the U.S. Minsitry of Commerce. This means that there’s a certain protection standard for the processing of identifiable information.


For more information visit: Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites.



Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a program where companies have the possibility to monetize their website. Yoga Screen is affiliate of the Google AdSense program. By doing this, our users have free access to our website, but they do experience advertisements, on our pages.


Yoga Screen, through Google’s service, can show relevant ads based on your cookie history. The cookies are called DoubleClick cookies. This history is based on previous visits to other websites. This also works the other way around: ads shown on other websites can be based on your visits to

You can opt out of personalized advertisements on this and other sites by visiting your Ads Settings of Google. Alternatively, you can opt out by visiting


For more information visit: How Google Adsense uses cookies.



Right to review and correct or remove your data

More information about how cookies work can be found in the instructions and/or through the Help-function of your browser.