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Yoga Screen is born out of the personal need to be sure we were doing the poses right. We love yoga so much we enjoy classes, but also want to practice at home or on the road. But we weren’t always sure we were executing the poses correctly. Is this the right posture? Do my hands have to align with my feet? How do I center my body weight? How should I breathe? What do I focus on, and which muscle should I feel stretching right now?

We looked for information online, but couldn’t find any high-quality tutorials that made us feel we knew exactly what we were doing. And sure, we can ask our teachers. But we don’t want to interrupt class every time we wanted to ask something. And we had a lot of questions!

So, we decided to make our own platform. We want it to be free for everyone, as we feel everybody should be able to enjoy yoga like we do.

Yoga Screen offers free yoga tutorial videos for everyone who is looking to master the basics of every individual yoga pose. Starting this platform, we have made tutorials of the most common yoga poses performed in yoga classes. These are beginner/intermediate poses and some can be even called advanced.

The tutorials are written and narrated by our certified teacher. We use close-ups and different angles to make sure every step of the pose is clear for the viewer.

Everyone who’s interested in yoga now has access to yoga tutorials of high-quality. This way – whether you just started with yoga, or are more experienced – you can always listen and watch our tutorials to master the most common yoga poses.

We use advertisements throughout our website. This helps us keeping the website free for use. The next step is to produce more tutorials and vlogs. After adding more content, we plan to make mobile app that allows you to compile your own personal practices

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