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About the teacher

Irene is our certified teacher. She is passionate about sharing her yoga expertise and help students develop a personal practice. Irene has a special interest in pose alignment and is exited to help Yoga Screen spreading tutorial videos that will help yogi’s around the world.

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Why Yoga Screen?

We started this platform as yoga enthusiasts. We incorporated yoga into our lifestyles and attend classes on a regular basis. But sometimes we struggle finding the right alignment in the posture or focus when we enjoy yoga. And we don’t want to disturb the teacher and pause the class every single time… Recognizable? We couldn’t find an easy accessible and trustful source to inform ourselves, so we asked our certified teacher to help us and started our own.

Yes, it’s free to use. But we put in plenty of work. So please understand we use advertisements to generate a small income to compensate our efforts, and to develop and customize this platform further to your needs.

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